Notes to myself and my sons Matthew, Shawn, Sam and Little Mitch

Rules Of Life

Relationships are worth more than material possessions.  

Suffering is inversely proportional to your ability to let go.

Almost everything you worry about never comes to pass.




Asking Questions

Do not hesitate to ask questions.

Questions are the light we shine in the darkness.

They are the seeds of your understanding.

Understanding comes from investigation.

Anything truly worth understanding can stand the force of open and honest investigation.

Tweak your questions periodically. This will take you to differnt answers. ie: ask yourself, what would happen if...??


Questions are the light we shine in the darkness.

Seeking Answers

Answers are always best sought with an open mind.

Answers are not always logical.

Sometimes silence is your answer.

You may not like your answer so you must watch your ego.



Respecting Life

Everything alive has a right to live. Even insects and germs.

Each life is a hole thru which the universal force of life pokes from the absolute.

The Cosmos

Observe the Universe.

Watch how it moves.

Appreciate and ponder the great distances of space and time. They are truly mindboggling.

What is present above is present within.

The same movements both mental, physical and spiritual.